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Marc + Katie, bright and colorful! || Benham's Grove, Wedding, Dayton

Make it pop! Are you ready for a colorful and fun wedding! 1,2,3,....GO!

Katie is one of 5 girls and the first who got married! So it’s a bit of an understatement to say that her whole family was abuzz with excitement. I don’t know Lamb’s family that well, but they seemed pretty excited too :). After getting ready Katie and Marc decided to be traditional and Marc saw Katie for the first time walking though the aisle. It was so fun to watch the anticipation and excitement on everyone’s faces. The flowers prepared by Flowerman were incredible and paired with the bridesmaid’s dresses and the backdrop of the venue, and the sunshine coming out – I couldn’t picture it being any better. Katie’s vision for the whole evening turned out beautifully – all details against the beautiful colorful interior of Beham's Grove reception. Furniture, carpet and vintage couches made it so special. Dinner (catered by Mrs. B's was so good. There were sweet and funny speeches, and of course the first (second, third and fourth) dances. And everyone had a blast! The day ended sweetly with Katie and Marc sparkling exit :). All in all, what a beautiful day it was!


Marc 's proposal was amazing and so special. Marc arranged for my sisters to take me to brunch. When I came home, the was a trail of sunflowers in craft beer bottles leading me out to our patio. Marc was waiting there, there were sunflowers everywhere. It was just us two, he told me how much he loved me and that he wanted us to spend our lives together. He got down on one knee! I immediately said yes and we shared a very special moment. Marc put so much thought into the sunflowers, he had them in special craft beer bottles that we had collected together. It was an absolutely beautiful day. Afterward, our families and best friends came over for a cook out. It was such a fun and special celebration!


We met through a dating app that the Fawcett sisters told me about. I had to message Marc first (which was DEFINITELY out of my comfort zone). We texted and talked on the phone before we met and were already very interested in each other. We met in person at a restaurant/bar that had great food and craft beer. the date was so fun! I (katie) was super nervous, but Marc really made me feel comfortable. I felt secure enough with him for our first date to be totally honest and totally myself. We bonded immediately over of love of craft beer and great food and had so much fun. We had a lot in common and I could tell even form that right date that we were a great balance for each other. Marc gave me flowers and my favorite candy at the end of the date and I went home with BIG butterflies!


Caddy's, a craft beer bar that unfortunately closed.

Enjoy some of my favorites from their wedding day!


Venue - Benham's Grove

Floral - Flowerman

Make up and hair - Pinned Up

Ceremony Musician - DJ - Party Pleasers

Bakery - Dorothy Lane Market, Love Cakes

Videographer - Motion Magic Studios

Officiant - Chris Kromer

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