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Alex & Zachary || Rehearsal, Chicago

Elegant and sophisticated. This is you, Alex.

The location you picked for your rehearsal dinner and the outfit, everything speak aesthetic.

Your pictures straight out of a movie just because of you. Chicago is just a good framing for both of you.

Alex and Zachary, both are extremely attractive and so comfortable in front of the camera, I didn't even give a direction when it comes to posing. They love each other and show it to the world.

I did a few shots at the apartment they live, "The Eugene" a beautiful complex in the heart of the city with incredible view.

Second location is impressive. The sun was in a right spot and The Ivy room looked even better at sunset time. That Ivy wall and the balcony made the whole shoot, absolutely beautiful place indeed. Enjoy my fav!

Thank you , Jenny from JPB Design for flawless event and wedding.


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