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Eion + Sarah Wedding || French park, Cincinnati

Meet Sarah. Sarah is cooler than you and I and you can look at these photos to see why. She sewed her own dress. Can you imagine that? This was a challenging project I bet and she nailed it!

She looked absolutely fabulous on her wedding day! Green eyes, red hair, wow wedding dress! She looked absolutely like a model!

Guestlist cuts, all plans ruined, and whatever else you can imagine has been quite the story this year. It has tested so many of us and forced people who like to have a plan (oh, hi) to be more fluid, more go with the flow and even more adaptive to the wild ride of a wedding day than ever before.

Eion and Sarah's wedding at the French House was truly a night to remember. The day began with the couple and their families spending a morning getting ready at the French park. Before the guests arrived, Sarah and Eion shared a super intimate moment and exchanged letters to each other -the most memorable moment I had the privilege to witness it. Eion is a dream to photograph, he never hides his feelings and emotions, thx for all the happy tears during that day, Eion.

Let's talk about wedding motorcycle photos! They are the BOMB! If you have a motorcycle or a vintage car - this is a must-have for the wedding! These are my fav for sure!

Enjoy my favs from this beautiful day!


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