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Seth + Meg, Rainy Day E-session || Mills Street Studio, Cincinnati, OH

As you follow me for a while you know I am a big fan of extreme weather because it always leads to more drama.

Did we expect a downpour that day? No. If you live in Cincinnati you never know what's the weather is gonna be like tomorrow! Did we end up with one of the most fun yet romantic sessions to date? Heck, yes!

We started at Mills Street studio and brought a 70s vibe to E-session. What a surprise it was when Seth started to play the guitar! And believe me, he is SOOOO GOOD at it!

When the studio session was over we went outside. They walked, danced, and snuggled, all beneath an umbrella built perfectly for two. The chaos of the world subsided, and at that very movement, nothing else mattered. Surround by the sound of rain, held tightly in his arms, Meg felt safe. It was magical.

Seth and Meg, thank you for getting me out of our comfort zone again. I loved every minute with you and your contagious smiles, and feel so excited to share some highlights of our time with you with the world today!


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