Jeff + Victoria Lynn || Engagement session, Hocking Hills

Just want to share with you some love.. True love! I photograph them a couple weeks ago at amazing place in Ohio, Hocking Hills. He's American. She's Norwegian. Two adventurers who met online and decided to adventure the world together. No obstacles for their love, no fears, no distance. You are one of my fav couples, Jeff and Victoria Lynn. If you’re interested in booking a wedding or elopement with Olga Polo Photography, just click the Contact button above! We’d love to hear from you!

Eric + Brooke || Engagement session, Cincinnati

From the very beginning this e-session was fantastic. And you know what? We have the best people in Cincinnati, we got free #Starbucks drinks just because an employee saw us doing engagement photos. Seriously, it was so nice! The part of the plan was to go to Covington and shoot at one of my fav spots, but I totally forgot that it was Labor Day and there was going to be a lot of traffic. Ugh... long story short, we arrived at location at 8.20 pm and it was already dark. I absolutely love how pictures turned out, and probably since now I would shoot intentionally like this. How did they met: Brooke: "We initially met through a mutual friend intent on the two of us hitting it off right away. W

George + Anastasiya || Engagement, NYC

Short story long Anastasia and George met each other through CouchSerfing. Yeah, the Internet gets people closer nowadays. Anastasia travelled through the country with friends and stopped at Orlando where George lived at the moment. She texted to 10 people on CouchSerfing if somebody wants to show her city and George was one of them. Who can resist to a handsome guy on a bike? Riding on the bike through the rain, it’s so romantic! Next date was a hiking date. Isn’t it awesome? Exploring the forest with stranger can be adventurous especially when you are 20sh. Next day Anastasia had to move back home and they started texting to each other back and forth. Finally George moved to NY and did a p

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