Andrew + Nicole || Elopement, Krohn Conservatory, Covington

I absolutely adore to photograph elopement. It’s such a relaxed, laid back and fun event. Just for the two of you. And the best decision you can make is to hire the professional photographer to capture the most important moment in your life. When Nicole contacted me she said : My dream was to have a day, or a moment, that was just ours, intimate, and indescribable, something that wasn't for show but was just for us. After a short ceremony at municipal court at Franklin court we decided to stop at Caesar Lake, but it was super windy and chilly day (I mean REALLY COLD) so we had to find another location for the pictures. The decision I made on that day was to go to Crohn conservatory. It was

Gordon + Tedra || Elopement, Old Milford, OH

I was so happy when Tedra contacted me about their Elopement. This couple is so sweet and nice, so not to fall in love with them is a real challenge. Their first date was in Old Milford, OH and it's absolutely amazing that we had an opportunity to take pictures at the place where their new chapter of life began. They are so gentle with each other and so deeply in love! I wish you could feel the love through the pics! HOW DID THEY MEET: Gordon and I connected online about 6 months before meeting, it wasn’t until right after my mom passed away that we actually had our first date. I say all the time that Mom brought Gordon to me from heaven and helped us begin our life together. THEIR FIRST DA

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