Paul + Megan, E-session || Cincinnati, OH

You might think that a cemetery is not a great place for an engagement session, but Spring Grove Cemetery is a unique spot and absolutely perfect for Megan and Paul. I'll tell you a secret, Megan is the first bride who is gonna wear a Black wedding dress! How cool is that? Their wedding is gonna be as unique and stylish as they are. After we were done at Spring Grove we later went to Covington since it’s one of my favorite places to go for E-sessions. Should I tell you that we started the session in the rain? And then 10 mins later after shooting the sun came out. But look at how well prepared Megan is. Even the umbrella is a perfect match! Enjoy my fav from their E-session. If you’re inte

Zak + Emily || E-session, Charlston waterfall, Dayton

You can tell from my Instagram (, I LOVE couples that want to go on adventures with me. So when Emily asked for an engagement session and said she wants to do it at Charlston Falls, I was more than happy. I LOVE the outdoorsy, adventurous type of people, I knew this session was going to be AHH-MAZING. Oh, because it has a GORGEOUS waterfall! Yup, I’m officially becoming a hunter of all the waterfalls in Ohio. (If you exist, I want to find you, and photograph a couple near you.) 🙂 The session was filled with climbing all over rocks and walking across fallen trees to get to amazing views of the waterfall. It was slightly daring but these two kil

Chris + Shaila || E-session, Loveland, OH

New Orleans in OHIO! That's what Shaila said when I met her and Chris in Loveland for an engagement session. From the very first moment I had a feeling that I know them for years. Super adorable, and super fun couple, I couldn't stop repeating how beautiful they are and how easy to work with them. HOW DID U MEET ? Chris and I met one another at a cookie swap holiday party in December of 2016 - think of a potluck but with baked goods and lots of alcohol! Chris was there with his friend/coworker that I had actually met at a previous party. I was attending by myself, making small talk with a few people to pass the time before I left for a concert. Eventually, Chris and I were introduced and we

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