Ivan Anna || Anniversary, Loveland OH

FILM! FILM!! FILM!!! The best way to celebrate 10 years of marriage? Anniversary photoshoot! Anna and Ivan are such a dream! Seriously, it’s as if they walked straight out of a movie! Y’all know how much I love movies. I met Ivan and Anna at Loveland, OH. When I choosing this location, I had an idea in my head, and these photos are exactly turned out how I wanted them to be. This sweet couple is close to my heart. This is the second time I photograph them, they trusted me with their family photos when I just started my photography journey (I wasn't that good!) and I'm forever thankful for that. Anna said she wants pictures straight out from a movie as they escaped from the party. Did she k

Luke + AnneMarie, Vintage car engagement session || Kentucky, KY

I knew Luke & AnneMarie's romantic Kentucky Engagement Session would be extra beautiful when they called me and let me know he would be bringing his Dad's vintage Chevy. Luke and AnneMarie are seriously — freakin’ hilarious and gorgeous together. I was basically cry-laughing behind the camera the whole time. They both have quick-dry humor, are incredibly playful and are so smitten with each other (as if you can’t tell by the photos!!!) some serious #couplesgoals are going on here. Like a western horse, rancher babe meets hunky mechanic - welder. Picture perfect - for real! And of course, the vintage Chevy added it’s own bit of flair. And how gorgeous is AnneMarie's ring?! Enjoy!

Tyler + Kylie || Kripendorf wedding || Cincinnati Nature center, OH

A Krippendorf Lodge Wedding was the perfect spot for Tyler and Kylie to tie the knot. Tyler and Kylie wanted their Krippendorf Lodge Wedding to feel simple, natural and elegant, and they achieved exactly that. Some favorites from Tyler and Kylie’s day: – The obvious: red hair and green eyes are 100% the best for me! – The vintage car. Love. – The sun on rainy day. Yes, please! – Tyler and Kylie kept each other giggling the whole day. And it was clear, it wasn’t just for the photos or because it was wedding day. That is just who they are, and it was beautiful. – This bridal party. Each one of them were a blast to be around! The commitment was there and it was GOLD! Gosh, I love you guys! Ven

Eion + Sarah Wedding || French park, Cincinnati

Meet Sarah. Sarah is cooler than you and I and you can look at these photos to see why. She sewed her own dress. Can you imagine that? This was a challenging project I bet and she nailed it! She looked absolutely fabulous on her wedding day! Green eyes, red hair, wow wedding dress! She looked absolutely like a model! Guestlist cuts, all plans ruined, and whatever else you can imagine has been quite the story this year. It has tested so many of us and forced people who like to have a plan (oh, hi) to be more fluid, more go with the flow and even more adaptive to the wild ride of a wedding day than ever before. Eion and Sarah's wedding at the French House was truly a night to remember. The day

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