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Steven + Tatyana || Cincinnati downtown, Anniversary

A good marriage keeps getting sweeter — and maybe a little quirkier — with time!

We started their day at Red Whale Rentals (the best place for getting ready) and then we went to Cincinnati downtown. They brought the vintage car and it was the best idea for the entire session. I really like all things old-school chic and elegant. Having these two in front of my camera gets better every. single. time. I photographed their family a couple of times and this relaxed, intimate session produced some of my all-time favorite anniversary portraits.

They went together through life’s ups and downs, so sharing their gratitude is a beautiful way to mark their anniversary. They decided to do a session just the two of them, and their obvious love and affection for each other were beautiful to witness. It is such an inspiration to see a couple's love grow and strengthen as the year's pass, they're truly enjoying their time together.

I asked Tanya if they ever had a fight for their marriage and the answer was: not really.

Marriage may be one of the hardest journeys you take, but it can also be the most rewarding, am I right? 

Enjoy my favs

Make up by MEG


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