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Ivan Anna || Anniversary, Loveland OH




The best way to celebrate 10 years of marriage? Anniversary photoshoot!

Anna and Ivan are such a dream! Seriously, it’s as if they walked straight out of a movie! Y’all know how much I love movies.

I met Ivan and Anna at Loveland, OH. When I choosing this location, I had an idea in my head, and these photos are exactly turned out how I wanted them to be.

This sweet couple is close to my heart. This is the second time I photograph them, they trusted me with their family photos when I just started my photography journey (I wasn't that good!) and I'm forever thankful for that.

Anna said she wants pictures straight out from a movie as they escaped from the party. Did she know that they are my fav type of photos?

P.S. Champagne is always a good bonus, enjoy my favs!


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