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Michael + Katie || Smale park, Cincinnati

Michael and Katie have been together for 10 years. They’ve navigated their lives together while sticking it out through the turbulent times, building a home and a family of five. November of last year, their immediate and extended family met on The Banks to have dinner in celebration of Michael’s birthday. After dinner, they all decided to take a walk through Sawyer Point to enjoy the full moon on a fall night. Katie was admiring scenery when she heard Michael start talking about how beautiful of a night it was. She turned around to acknowledge him and at that moment, while lowering to one knee, Michael added that there was no more beautiful of a night to ask Katie to be his wife. After all the years spent together, they’re finally making it official.

Can't wait for Katie and Michael's wedding in October. They have 3 children together, can you imagine how cool it will be for the kids to see their parents getting married!

If you’re interested in booking an engagement session with Olga Polo Weddings, just click the Contact button above! We’d love to hear from you!

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