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Creating a Regal Wedding Atmosphere at Hilton Netherland Plaza with Dom Hayley

Absolutely incredible wedding at Hilton Netherland plaza. Vicky, Hayley's mom, deserves a massive round of applause because she absolutely nailed every single detail. The whole event was a masterpiece from start to finish.

First off, Hayley – that girl's a fashion icon! Can you believe she rocked not one, not two, but three outfits on her big day? Talk about slaying the fashion game! Each outfit was like something out of a magazine. She definitely brought that extra glam to the whole affair.

The venue – the Hilton Netherland Plaza. It's got this incredible character, a blend of elegance and charm that just elevates everything.The way they decked it out with candles and flowers was pure magic. Seriously, that combo was out-of-this-world perfection.

I wish I could show you all the photos. You could totally see the venue's unique vibe shining through in every picture. The grandeur of the place just added this extra layer of beauty to an already stunning wedding.

But most importantly, it was all about Hayley and Dominic. The love between them was palpable – you could practically feel the joy radiating off of them. It was a day filled with laughter, happy tears, and so much love. I can't stop gushing about how wonderful it all was!

Venros love:

Photo/Video Olga Polo Weddings

Florist Susan Foy

Hair/Make up Simply Make Up



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