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Tasteful wedding at Lytle Park Autograph Collection with Lynn & Spencer

Lynn and Spencer's wedding at the Lytle Hotel was truly a celebration of love and impeccable design. The choice of the Lytle Hotel reflected their shared design backgrounds and exquisite taste, creating a perfect setting for their special day.

One highlight was undoubtedly Lynn's dress, which happened to be my favorite, adorned with beautiful bows. It's clear that Lynn's attention to detail extended to every aspect of the wedding, including her stunning gown.

Despite a slight delay in the schedule the day unfolded seamlessly, thanks to Lynn's calm and laid-back demeanor. Her composure in the face of minor hiccups ensured that everything resolved perfectly, creating a memorable and joyous atmosphere.

The ceremony itself, set against the backdrop of Washington Park just in front of Music Hall, provided a breathtaking view that added to the magic of the moment. Lynn and Spencer exchanged their vows in such a picturesque location was truly heartwarming.

P.S. First dance was really beautiful but Mother/Son's dance was a huge hit! Love TARANTINO vibe!


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