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Ahsaas + Ishita || Engagement session, Covington

How did they met:

The story started off when Ahsaas sent a Facebook friend request to Ishita when he moved to Cincinnati in 2013 while she came to Cincinnati to complete her graduation from India.

"I absolutely loved his name. We started talking and he was as charming as he could be. We exchanged numbers and that we talked all night that night about all our deepest emotions and thats how we just knew there is something special. A sort of connection I felt even when I knew him for such a short while. We decided to meet and the very first time I saw him waiting for me in his red car, I knew I am walking myself into something much deeper than I had ever planned. I took him to a cute Bohemian Cafe near my college where we talked and talked as if we had always known each other. And thereafter I was showing him around I took him to my fav place in Cincinnati, beautiful skyline view Mt. Adams, which became our spot. Both of us couldn't stop thinking about each other. One night after party, he got a rose and asked me to date him and of course we started dating, lots of fun, long drives, dinner dates, PF Chang, Pavilion , partying , and listening music. He's quite charming and romantic, It didn't take a lot of time for me to fall totally in love with him. 3 years, ups and downs, lots of airport pick up and drop, movies and bowling, long walks, barbecue, bon fires, wining and dining, sneaking and smoking.

Then I came back to India after graduation, we thought this won't work out well in distance so we tried to be apart for 1.5 years. But in Nov 2017, I met him in Mumbai, spent there for 2 weeks and it made us realize there is no-one else in this world we'd rather spend our life with. walks by Juhu , lots of red roses , long drives

How he proposed:

After lots of dinner, dates at Grappa , Delhi, I asked him to be my ride or die and he put a ring on my finger. We got our parents permission, went to Bangla sahib Gurudwara to seek blessing and 10th December we got engaged.

Enjoy my favorites from this amazing engagement session.

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