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Tanner + Alyssa || E-session, Hyde Park, Cincinnati

Those two have the strongest bond I've ever seen. Getting to spend time with the two of them together was so special. Seriously, they've been together for 5 years and it seems like they have just met each other. I have a few favorite locations where I shoot engagement sessions and Mariemont is one of them. My very favorite part of their engagement session was when we went to Hyde Park and asked them to do some door's shots. They are my favs for sure!


Tanner and I met 5 years ago through a childhood friend of mine. I was having a get together and my friend brought his cousin, Tanner, along and the rest is history! That first time we met I believe we both felt the instant connection. It didn’t take long until we were officially dating. The bond was fast and fierce. It was only one month into us dating when we were out bowling one night - Tanner looked at me in a certain kind of way... I knew what he was about to say... He said bashfully, I know it’s too soon but I love you. I smiled and said I love you too! Since that day we’ve been inseparable. We have lived together the full 5 years we have been together. Tanner and I have learned many things about each other FAST haha! I always wondered when he’d propose until this past January he popped the question.


Tanner had planned our 4 year anniversary dinner, or so I thought! We got picked up in a limo to go downtown for dinner. Once we got in the limo Tanner made me a drink and told me he had a surprise for me. He put on a homemade blindfold made out of my sunglasses - so cute! I kept asking him what we were doing, nosey nelly haha! He kept playing it off very well. We arrived to our location downtown, unbeknownst to me I was about to commit to loving him for the rest of my LIFE! We walked through snowy grass then Tanner told me to take off my blindfold. He was down on one knee and said, “Why would you wanna marry me anyway?” A quote from my favorite movie, Sweet Home Alabama. I responded “So I can kiss you anytime I want!!!” Tanner got a photographer to capture the magical moment. BEST. PROPOSAL. EVER! We then drove to an impromptu engagement party with all of our family!! It was the best day ever... well until we get married of course!!

Enjoy my fav from Tanner and Alyssa E-session.

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