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Eric + Jasmine || Wedding, Rhinegeist, Cincinnati

Eric and Jasmine’s Rhinegeist Brewing wedding was a labor of love, coming together with the help of friends and family, exactly as the couple had hoped .It's no secret that I love the Rhinegeist! The relaxed atmosphere make for a non-traditional and laid back wedding venue in Cincinnati. Eric and Jasmine both love urban and earthy vibes, which is why the Eden park during the Magnolia blossom season and the exposed brick of the brewery were the perfect compromise to integrate their favorite styles.

HOW DID THEY MET: We met through okcupid. Eric messaged me about Oscar Wilde and Goldlink and then we just kept talking for probably about a month before we went on our first date.

THE FIRST DATE: Our first date was at this bar/lounge called Punch House in Chicago. It was a pretty awkward date but it wasn’t the worst! Then after talking to a friend I realized I was interested in Eric and gave him another shot and invited him on a second date. That date went really well and realized I liked him a lot. The rest is history!

HOW HE PROPOSED: We actually didn’t have a formal proposal. We just basically had a discussion and decided we should get married and before we knew it we were planning our wedding!


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Enjoy my fav from this wedding!

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