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Miras + Dilyara || February wedding, Hotel Covington, KY

February can be a highly desirable wedding month for many couples, largely because it has the flavor of the winter season, while also hinting at the forthcoming spring. It is perfect month to celebrate a timeless love, seeing as how Valentine’s Day falls in the middle of this month. Mira and Dilyara choose the prefect day for their wedding. 02.02.20 is a prefect combination, right?

The Hotel Covington was great for getting ready photos, absolutely a magical space it is at any time of the year. Their patio is always full of magical light. I couldn't ask for better weather that day, 70 F in February, really? Mother nature was too kind to us!

There were also beautiful outfits, flawless hair and make up and a perfectly decorated naked cake to name a few.

The most bright moment of their wedding: I was really impressed by Dilyara's voice and her song was absolutely gorgeous. I clearly could see tears in guests eyes, such a talented bride!

After their sweet ceremony, they danced the night away ! Enjoy some of my favorites from Dilyara and Miras fabulous, winter, Cincinnati wedding!

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