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Jaja + Ira, "SHI" project || Locust and Vine, Cincinnati, OH

Women and power, drinking and driving, teenager and sex... For many centuries - we live for the first time- in a world of a female taxi driver, a woman in White house. For a few thousands of years, women had no history ... Power has many addresses. One can wield it without a suit and tie, just as one can do so without a paycheck, a portfolio, a job. Having been for so many years defined by our bodies, we have no particular desire to be defined by our business cards... Women have long exercised influence behind the scenes. Over the last century, we have gained a voice, a vote, a room, a playing field of our own. We are overhauling the very concept of influence, leadership, control. But the real power is FEMININITY and what it wears to Paris...

Thank you @Locust and Vine for amazing studio and service you provide

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