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CHRIS & ANDREA || Anniversary session at Laurel Court

I'm a huge fan of Andrea! She's not just stylish and super attractive and one of my favorite wedding planners, but her positive energy is off the charts. Being around her is like catching a dose of good vibes, and that smile of hers is infectious!

She's drop-dead gorgeous. It's mind-boggling that she's in such fantastic shape after having three kids. Like, can you even imagine? I'm over here struggling to finish a salad, and she's out there looking like a model after all that baby-making magic. Props to her, seriously.

She and her husband Chris came to celebrate 7 years of marriage. Seven freakin' years! And you know what? Chris is a total blast to work with too. This guy's a posing pro. He's got that suave and confident vibe that makes snapping pics a breeze. I compared him to Jordan Belfort (Leo di Caprio from Wolf of Wall Street).

We did some anniversary photoshoots at Laurel Court, and it was like something out of a dream. The place is pure elegance, with a European vibe that's to die for. The backdrop for those pics was absolutely gorgeous, and with Andrea and Chris in the frame, it was like a fairytale coming to life. I couldn't be happier to have captured their love story against such a stunning backdrop.


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