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HAELY & QUINTEN || Rooftop Engagement photos, Cincinnati

Capturing that classy, black tie vibe with the twist of fashion was absolutely the blast.

Seriously, there's just something about those elegant outfits that make for epic E- sessions. The sharp suits, the glamorous gowns – they add this touch of sophistication that's a total blast to capture through my lens. It's like we're creating our own red carpet moments!

But here's the kicker – Haely and Quinten decide to bring their dogs to the E shoot. It's not just about the aesthetics. It's about the connection and the love between the couples and their pups. You can see it in their eyes, and it's my job to freeze those moments in time. The joy, the laughter, the cuddles – it's all there, and it makes for some seriously heartwarming shots.

You could say I'm all in for that classy, black tie look and the furry friends that come with it. It's the perfect combo of style and heart that makes my job as a photographer an absolute blast!


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