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Jenny + Jake, Hotel Covington || Cincinnati

Absolutely incredible wedding at Hotel Covington! the day was fill with happy tears, sincere laughs and so many positive emotions. Jake and Jenny, you are absolutely FABULOUS!

The way they look at each other is proof that their isn’t anything sweeter than falling in love.That First look tell you everything about these two. Jake, I'm forever thank full for all emotions, you know I'm a sucker for good sentimental moments.

The day started off at the Hotel Covington (which is super epic) and ended up at the Hotel Covington. The more Hotel Covington the marrier!

I’m super excited to share their love story with you guys! Enjoy!


Jake proposed in Nashville on a trip I originally planned to celebrate his birthday. I did not suspect a thing because I was so focusing on ways to make the weekend super special for Jake so he would have a good birthday. Although he initially had a different proposal plan for later in the weekend, Jake spontaneously popped the question as soon as we arrived in Nashville because he was "too excited" and "couldn't wait." Looking back, I realize I should have known because Jake's normal personality is very calm, but the entire drive down he was very stressed. We are getting married almost exactly 1 year from when we got engaged (we got engaged on October 18, 2019 and we will be married on October 17, 2020), although it feels like much longer. Between the events in the world, having to make difficult decisions about our wedding, and both of us being laid off from our jobs, we've already been through a lot together. Looking back on our engagement year, it some ways it is overwhelming, but the silver lining is we have already grown so much together and have become a strong team.


We first met when we were invited to attend Beerfest in downtown Cincinnati for a friend's birthday celebration. We initially clicked over our shared taste for sour beers.


Findlay Market (At first we both thought we got stood up because we parked in different parking lots and couldn't find each other!) Once we finally found each other, we had a great day tasting everything from tacos to waffles to gelato


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