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NICHOLE & DEAN || Ault park, Cincinnati Donwtown engagement photos

Here's the kicker: things didn't exactly go as planned. Their car got broken into at the Ault park, and some of their stuff was stolen. Can you believe it? It's like a total bummer, especially because I've heard stories about this happening at Ault Park before and witnessed it. Note to self: be super careful about parking there!

But you know what? Despite the whole car debacle, Nicole and Dean were total troopers. They handled it like champs and didn't let it ruin their day. I mean their positive attitude was infectious. They even managed to flash these genuine, ear-to-ear smiles throughout the entire shoot.

I couldn't help but be amazed by how genuinely happy they looked despite the circumstances. It's like nothing could faze them. I guess it just goes to show that love can conquer all, even a broken car window and some missing stuff. Nichole and Dean, you guys rock! #SmilesForDays#RollingWithThePunches

Captured by Olga Polo Associate Victoria


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