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SHAAN & GOMATHIE || Somerhaus wedding, Cincinnati, OHIO

Gomathie and Shaan's wedding was absolutely stunning!

It was one of those small, intimate affairs that just warm your heart. What really touched my heart was how they included their adorable dogs in the celebration. They treated those furballs like royalty, and it was clear that their pups were the real stars of the show. It's like they considered them little furry gods of love! 🐾

And when it came to the dancing part that was my favorite too! There's just something magical about seeing people let loose and dance like nobody's watching. It's like all their worries melt away, and they're just there to have a blast.

Overall, it was a beautiful day filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable moments at Somerhaus. As a photographer, capturing all those precious memories was an absolute joy. Many happy years to come, Shaan and Gomathie!


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