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Zak + Emily || E-session, Charlston waterfall, Dayton

You can tell from my Instagram (, I LOVE couples that want to go on adventures with me. So when Emily asked for an engagement session and said she wants to do it at Charlston Falls, I was more than happy. I LOVE the outdoorsy, adventurous type of people, I knew this session was going to be AHH-MAZING. Oh, because it has a GORGEOUS waterfall! Yup, I’m officially becoming a hunter of all the waterfalls in Ohio. (If you exist, I want to find you, and photograph a couple near you.) 🙂

The session was filled with climbing all over rocks and walking across fallen trees to get to amazing views of the waterfall. It was slightly daring but these two killed it in front of the camera. The entire time, Zak, took such notice and care of Emily. I respect his gentlemanly presence and Mary looked at him with such adoration.They love each other. It’s real. It’s true. It’s honest. And they bring out these smiles in each other that make everyone else smile. That kind of joy and genuineness doesn’t come around every day and I think they know that.

Here are some of my favorites from Emily and Zak’s session. I hope you love them as much as I do!

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