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Chris + Shaila || E-session, Loveland, OH

New Orleans in OHIO! That's what Shaila said when I met her and Chris in Loveland for an engagement session. From the very first moment I had a feeling that I know them for years. Super adorable, and super fun couple, I couldn't stop repeating how beautiful they are and how easy to work with them.


Chris and I met one another at a cookie swap holiday party in December of 2016 - think of a potluck but with baked goods and lots of alcohol! Chris was there with his friend/coworker that I had actually met at a previous party. I was attending by myself, making small talk with a few people to pass the time before I left for a concert. Eventually, Chris and I were introduced and we immediately hit it off. Our conversation spanned from childhood, to work, to philosophy and our favorite TV shows. No subject seemed too invasive!

The night dwindled and folks began to depart, but Chris wasn't ready to say goodbye and suggested that go to a diner that was open IHOP it was! Over late night coffee and toast, we continued to have a deep and authentic conversation. Finally, I dropped him off at his friend's apartment (incidentally, the apartment that we currently call home!) and promised to text him in the morning.

He texted me that night before I went to sleep.


Chris and I had been dog sitting for the week leading up to the proposal and he seemed particularly stressed out. I know things had been pretty tough at work. I tried my best to support him, but I think we were both pretty much at our wit's end the night before he proposed.

A few days prior, Chris had asked if we could go to the American Art Museum to practice photography (a hobby we were both interested in exploring). That morning, Chris seemed to be in a rush to get out, despite the museum not opening for a few hours.

It quickly came to light that he wanted to surprise me with breakfast at a well-known restaurant in downtown DC before going to the museum. When we got there, we aimlessly wandered around, pointing out pieces that spoke to us and taking random pictures of one another.

We made our way to the Luce Center, which is one of my favorite spaces in the museum, - it's three stories of marbles and columns and protected art. He asked me to turn around so he could take a picture of me behind, then told me to turn around for a front-facing picture:


This is kind of a hilarious story! Chris and I set up a time after work to hang out and go to the American Art Museum and grab food at a nearby Chinese restaurant afterward. We walked through the museum in our business casual attire, pointing out the jazz artists I would learn in due time that he loved and listened to regularly.

At the Chinese restaurant, our cheeks hurt from smiling and laughing too hard and our stomachs ached as we filled them with good food. We talked about our families and culture. We decided to end the night with bubble tea. While at the bubble tea restaurant, Chris pulled out a sleeve of rainbow macarons and gave them to me as a gift because "the cookies reminded him of my vibrant personality".

I was speechless and a little guilty, because I hadn't thought to get anything! It eventually came out that Chris thought it was a date....but I thought we were just hanging out! We laugh about it now, but it was pretty mortifying at the time.

Can't wait their wedding in October. Enjoy my favs from this E-session!

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