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Adam + Joanna || Dayton, OH

Joanna and Adam held their wedding celebration at the Adam's hometown in Dayton. These two mega babes truly have a love story of our time. They met on dating website, fell madly in love and here they are, getting married. And getting married in style at that…Joanna and Adam stayed true to their own tastes and personalities throughout their big day, wearing outfits they loved, filling their reception space and just generally throwing a massive party.

Everybody knows how I love to shoot international couples! Joanna from Poland and came to US as au-pair. I was crying like a baby during father - daughter dance (Am I getting old?) such a touchable moment!

Adam is huge fan of "Metalica" and every time guests want bride and groom to kiss they have to sing a song first. Isn't it cool?

Enjoy my fav from Adam and Joanna's wedding.

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