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Martin + Sarah || Wedding at Bell Event Center, Cincinnati

Today’s real wedding is a stunner: beautiful bride Sarah wears her GRANDMA's wedding gown ( I LOVE when people keep their traditions), while her bridesmaids simply shine in blue. Groom Martin looks amazing in his suit.

That was the first wedding with the log cutting ceremony. An old German wedding custom, the tradition of cutting a log represents the first obstacle that the couple must overcome in their marriage. They must work together to “overcome the obstacle” by sawing through the log. Using a large, long saw with two handles, the couple demonstrates their teamwork to friends and family, and their willingness and ability to master the difficulties that inevitably arise in a marriage. And you know what? Martin and Sarah did an excellent job on the log!


Though Sara & Martin both grew up in Cincinnati, they didn't meet until Sara moved to Louisville in 2010. Martin was attending U of L and Sara had her first internship. They met through a mutual friend. They spent all of their time together while Sara lived there. About a year after they met, they decided to go to a Music Festival together and when they came home, they were a couple! Together they have experienced long-distances apart, moving across the country together, and traveling to places they never thought they would go. They are now living in Helsinki, Finland with their dog, Phoenix. In the future they would like to move back to the midwest.


The whole day was special. First, after dropping the dog off at a friend's house, Martin took Sara to a quartz mine where they dug for quartz crystals. After changing into clean clothes they set off for Arkansas wine country (totally a thing). They went to visit the couple that they met during their last visit, bought some wine and had dinner at Wiederkehr's Weinkeller Restaurant (Authentic Swiss food). After dinner, Martin drove to a beautiful overlook next to St Mary's Church in Altus, AR, where he proposed.


Dinner at an Indian restaurant

Enjoy my fav from this wedding!

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