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Carlos + Alisha, E-session || Mills Street Studio, Hotel Covington, Cincinnati

OMG, they nailed their E-session!

From the very beginning, I knew it's gonna be phenomenal. The vibe, the atmosphere, OMG, I think I can photograph Carlos and Alisha all day long.

Alisha is a wedding coordinator (highly recommended) and I met her at the amazing wedding I photographed last year. You know the feeling when you clicked with someone from the start?

I'm obsessed with beauty in general, but when it comes to great personality and energy it's a win-win situation. Alisha's smile is contagious and her energy is out of this world!

Carlos brought his guitar to Mills Street Studio and guys, he is sooooo good at playing the guitar, what a natural talent.

For the second part, we moved to one of my fav places in Cincinnati Hotel Covington, the best location for any session, never disappointed and I obsessed with how pictures turned out... So classy.

So enjoy my fav ones and like and comment if you like them.


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