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Katie & Brett, Engagement session, Ault Park, Cincinnati

Katie and Brett had the best decision that day. They brought their puppy Piper to the Engagement session. Loveable, charming, and sweet furry member of the family.

When Katie suggested Ault Park for E-session and said we would like to avoid the crowd, we are very private people I was a lil bit concerned honestly. Ault Park is always so packed, any time of the year. It's a beautiful location for photos, that's why it's s popular, but on another side, it's a lot of people.

How lucky we were it was a cloudy day and only a few people were at the park that day. Literally a few. So we were lucky enough to capture all the intimate moments without any crowd.

Can I highlight the Anthropologie champagne glasses Katie brought? So unique. And the outfits were on point.

Enjoy my favs!


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