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Gus + Valeria

Absolutely incredible winter wedding it was!

So many happy tears and smiles. Lera's parents couldn't attend the wedding because of a pandemic but I witnessed how friends are important in life... It was unconditional love and support from their side during that day.

Despite the pandemic, Gus and Lera decided to tie the knot anyway. Gus has greek roots so the ceremony took place at Greek Orthodox Church.

Oh, Gus, you looked absolutely adorable in that cute wreath, Lera I know you read the blog, so consider buying one for him, super cute!

Then we moved to OTR to take some bridal party photos and the light was INCREDIBLE that day, that's why I love winter weddings so much!

Honestly, I can't say which one of my favs, I love all of them.

Side note, the bride has the most beautiful smile I've ever seen. Lera, your beauty is incomparable and you could definitely be a Miss Universe based on my opinion.

I wish you happy many years to come and many kids as well!

Enjoy my favs!

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