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JESSEBA & GREGORY || New England Botanical Garden Wedding, MA

Jessie calls her mom "baby". Mother-in-law calls Jessie "Jessichka" in a very beautiful way. That's all you need to know about beautiful family relationships and it was absolutely fabulous atmosphere at the wedding, happiness was in the air.

Stunning Botanical garden setting that was straight out of a fairytale. The vibe? Totally New England, you know – that charming, cozy feeling that's hard to put into words. And the best part? The guest list was like a world tour in itself! We had folks flying in from all corners of the globe – Germany, Russia, California – you name it. It was like a mini United Nations right there at the wedding. I mean, talk about mixing cultures – it was an absolute masterpiece. The whole day was a symphony of colors, sounds, and flavors. From the rich aroma of flowers to the mouthwatering fusion of cuisines, every little detail added to the magic. The ceremony itself was heartwarming 2 hours full of catholic mass, a blend of traditions that made you believe in the beauty of diversity. Dancing under the stars, the beats were a mix of melodies from different parts of the world. It was a real-life cultural mosaic, and let me tell you, it was absolutely beautiful. So yeah, Jesseba and Gregori's wedding was more than just a celebration of their love – it was a celebration of the world coming together.

Enjoy my favs moments!


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