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Katie & Brett || Maddison Center Wedding, Covington, KY

Oh my gosh, Katie and Brett's wedding at Maddison center in Covington, KY was absolutely gorgeous! The venue was stunning and the decorations were on point. Katie looked stunning in her dress, and Brett looked sharp in his suit. The hometown ceremony was very touching, and you could feel the love.

It was a lot of people so they were surrounded by family and friends.

The reception was a blast, with amazing food and dancing all night long. It was definitely a wedding to remember!

Touching and meaningful moment: Even though Katie's dad couldn't physically be there for the father/daughter dance, it's so heartwarming to hear that his friends stepped up and took turns dancing with Katie. It's a beautiful reminder of the love and support that surrounds us, even in difficult times. I'm sure it made the moment even more special for Katie and everyone else who was there to witness it.

Enjoy my favs.


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