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Matt Laura

Matt : "She is over the top of everything. I like her friendly, bubbly personality, her laugh, and her smile. The way she lights up the room."

Laura: "I like how to down earth he is. He goes with the flow, chill, and so easy going. He always treats me like a QUEEN".

Their wedding was one of a kind, definitely, Lady Gaga's vibe, and Laura is a real queen for sure. I'm obsessed with your personality too, Laura.

I truly need to mention the beautiful flowers arrangements on the wedding day. Laura's sister is an amazing florist at @Twigsntwine and she brought such a cool vibe to the wedding. Love those flowers so much, Cheryl.

I should highlight the reception part and the Anniversary dance. Laura's grandparents are definitely a goal for everybody, so I hope Laura and Matt will take their advice for marriage.

Enjoy highlights of the wedding!


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