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PATRICK & BONNIE || The FACTORY Event, Cincinnati, OH

They decided to throw their big day at The FACTORY (simply perfect for small intimate weddings).

So, there we were, surrounded by their nearest and dearest – the fam and the besties. It was all about that tight-knit circle of love. The atmosphere was so chill, like you could feel the happiness buzzing in the air. The place was decked out like something out of a Pinterest board. Lights were strung up everywhere, giving the whole scene this dreamy glow. The flowers touch and greenery add some charm (Thank you, GIA and the Bloom).

Bonnie, well, she looked gorgeous. I mean, we all knew she was stunning, but on that day, she was like the queen of elegance. Her dress was minimalistic, and her hair and makeup amazing (thank you JANAY Beauty) , it was Flawless. Patrick, on the other hand, was rocking a suit that made him look like James Bond – sharp, dapper, and all kinds of handsome.

The ceremony itself was very intimate, just family members from both sides. There wasn't a dry eye in the house when they exchanged their promises. And let me tell you, you could practically taste the love in the air as they shared their first kiss as a married couple. Cue the cheers and applause from the crowd!

Everything went extremely smoothly because fantastic team of Em + Elle event. When I say it was a beautiful wedding, I'm not just talking about the aesthetics. (even blue is still my fav color) It was the love, the laughter, the genuine happiness that made Bonnie and Patrick's wedding truly unforgettable. It was all about them, their closest circle, and the start of their amazing journey together.

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